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April 2009

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Sam Davis

This story underscores the graft, corruption and incompetence that almost always come with government control and funding. The best solution would be for the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation to be completely divorced from government funding and control. Thus freed, PIDC would be compelled to survive, or not, based on its own fundraising competence and managerial efficiency, just like non-rent-seeking private firms.

D'Alessio and his political cronies would be gone in a fortnight under that scenario, and a new day of ethics and morality would dawn.

Nonprofiteers must start looking at the overwhelming evidence, decades of it, that government funding plus government control equals graft, corruption and mission failure. Tax funding and official political partnerships are not the friends of our missions, but their worst enemies.

Anton Mesrobian

Looks like the USS Olympia, one of the muesum's most important assets, is about to pay the price of the corruption of its caretakers.

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