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Hi. I know you don't know me but I'm really struggling right now financially. I've been out of a job for nearly three weeks and I have absolutely no source of income coming in. I'm afraid of not being able to pay my bills and help my mother with her rent.

I understand there is a recession and I've been trying to find work. I'm deeply concerned about this and I'm wondering if there is anything to do.

I'm at the point of moving out of Oregon and just go south-east and see where that takes me.

Is there any help you can find me?

Thank you for your time in reading this e-mail. I'm just so desperate right now.

Wanda Dailey

Can you tell me where I might find the help I need? Recently, I discovered that the renters of my mobile home had moved out, w/out notice or fulfillment of our lease agreement, and have done serious damage to the home. This means, without warning or time to prepare, I am suddenly faced with the mortgage, taxes and lot rent, along with the damage, that will cost $10,000 - $15,000 to repair, if no other is discovered during repairs. Apparently, my renters went away and turned the heat off, which caused the pipes to freeze and break water over the floor and to spray water on parts of the walls and cabinets, causing mold. They didn't report the damage, but nailed plyboard & carpet to the floor since the water under the original carpeting, caused the sub-floor to weaken, and fall through in places. I am a 61 year old woman without health insurance, retirement, or a home paid in full. This is not the result of my creation, but the result of always having to pay for damages caused by others. I was about 2-4 months away from being able to advance financially, after a very long and difficult 15 year struggle. I've never lived on welfare even though I had to live out of my car for 56 days, while seeking work, due to downsizing. My beacon score is somewhere around 800, I have a clean 53 year driving record, and no criminal record; no alcohol, drugs or tobacco products. If you know of anyone or any group who might consider assisting me, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Just for today I will try to live through this day only and not tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do something for twelve hours that would appall me if I had to keep it up for a lifetime.

Jerry Peterson

I am seeking christian venture capital in the amount of 420,000 dollars, in order to start a christ centered for-profit business. This venture will aid non-profit enities, employee up to 40 persons within five years, promote Christian values within the workplace structure, offer scholarships and daycare to employees(primarily young moms or families w/children). Profits from this business will be dedicated to supporting Christian organizations.

Full business plan w/repayment of capital is finished.

Realizing to him who much is given, much is expected.

In Christ,
Jerry Peterson
email apjp@daca.net

Barbara and John Williams

My husband and I are trying to start out in the ministry. We have been involved in a small ministry in Maine that has closed its doors. We are trying to move west to be closer to my elderly mother and get involved in a ministry there where we can help it grow and branch off from there. We need moving expenses and housing expenses (to get settled). We have a small income once we are there - I am on disability). We would appreciate any help that could be given. We would need a vehicle, moving van, and housing. Approximately $20,000 would be wonderful.

Thank you for your consideration,
Rev. and Mrs. John Williams

Armin Peter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,
my wife and I are members of a German association called Romanes-Arbeit-Marburg e.V. (This is a tax-exempt and non-profit association with 20 members).

RAM’s goal is that the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Bible will be translated into the language of the Sinti Gypsies (80.000 in Germany, 120.000 in France; they are also to be found in other countries of Europe, in the US and in Canada).

We are in this kind of translation work since 1995. RAM was founded by an old deaconess (Sr. Luise Sartor) in 1994. She has always been the "motor" of this Bible translation project for the Sinti Gypsies until the age of 92. She died 5 years ago. Since her death our financial support has decreased considerably, so that we are now in urgent need of financial support.

The translation of the Greek New Testament for the Sinti has been completed by us in June 2010 and has been sent to the printer in South-Korea.

About 70% of the Hebrew Bible has already been translated as a first draft by the Sinti mother-tongue speakers. These translated texts need to be examined by us, compared and adapted to the Hebrew Bible, and often re-translated by us because our Gypsy "translators" - age 35 or 59 - have only gotten about 1 or 6 years of schooling in their whole lifetime.

Now we like to begin our work on the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Romany of the Sinti.

Because of the German history of the Nazi regime around World War II (about 400.000 Sinti have been killed by the Nazi), it is presently not possible to get financial support for this Bible translation project neither from a German government agency nor from a recognised Sinti agency. Moreover, German Christians do not really like to support Bible translators as we are working within Germany (it would be quite different if we worked in an Asian or African jungle). Therefore we do have big difficulties to find financial support for this Bible translation project in Germany.

As you certainly know: In many small people groups in the world Bible translation is the very first step to analyse and to write down the language of such a people group, to give them an appropriate orthography (my wife – PhD in linguistics – wrote already a Primer for Sinti children), and to make them read, write and understand their own language (we are also developing grammatical lessons). All this has just began in the Sinti Gypsy group and it would be a great pity, if we could not continue our work. This is the reason why I write you this inquiry: Would you like to support this project financially?
I ask you from all of my heart: Please help us.

In case you need more information about our project or about our association, please inform us.

I would be very glad to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Armin Peter
Romanes-Arbeit-Marburg e.V.
Schillerstrasse 1A
35606 Solms

Rick Linet

I am embarking on a project that is the culmination of many of the things and am looking for a source of funding and contacts.

Over the past couple years, I explored/researched the feasibility of a Basketball Academy, Charter/Private School, Sports Complex. Well this all seems to be coming together in the following plan.

This is my vision:

Property would contain spaces for :

1. Sports: Basketball,Volleyball,Soccer,Flag Football,Batting Cages,Lacrosse,Hockey.
2. Offices
3. Health/Sports Medicine
4. Wellness
5. Retail
6..Education: there is room to have a Private Christian School to include Boarding
7. Conferences

This would allow us to have an IMG like Academy with private paying students, Boston/other US City students who need to get out of their environment and a Ministry for International students looking for an opportunity. These students would like the ability to study at a school where they would receive training for Sports and Top Level Academics, and general ed students for the same. The Academy would have the best curriculum, based on a Christian view and also include top level technology.

Short Term Plan: Months 1-3

1. Establish a Board to include, Religion, Law, Construction, Health, Education
2. Poll Christian Churches for Need
3. Strategize about funding
4. Fund feasibility study
5. Poll organizations for leagues, conferences, tournaments

Long Term: Months 4-12

If all above is positive:

1. Craft lease with property
2. Establish funding
3. Hire Consultant for:
4. Hire staff
5. Marketing

Please let me know your thoughts and possible abilities to help line up contacts, especially funding. I have contacts for feasibility study who have done many of these projects already.

This project will be a way of expanding much needed Christian presence in New England and spreading God's Word around the region and connecting Nationally/Internationally.

I look forward to your comments.

Malvrick Lomotey

hi, am new to this site but after reading a few lines i thought of writing this message to you. i am a christian in ghana who loves street evangelism with my group of six equally dedicated christian brothers and sister. we have won a lot of souls on the street but struggling with helping them to stay in the faith. i thought u could help us with some bible and tract for them to start with. email malvrickl@yahoo.com or facebook me, malvrickl

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Please come to my site that someone set up for me and see about my family and our medical condition. If you care to donate you will see in the site where you can do so. It will also explain where the money will go. I have a plan to start a website that will help people all over the world. I need your help to do that for my family and others. Thanks

elijah dugbah narh

support education in ghana.
sky high schools need your help. www.skyhighschools.webs.com


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An increase of giving by women, which will challenge assumptions about measurement, results, impact, goals and transactional relationships.

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Increased attention to relief and development, the poor, and microenterprise development among evangelical donors.


Christian Friends, for some time now, we have been trying to set up a christian FM Radion Station in the rural part of Liberia, West Africa.

The sole reason for the establishment is for evangelism. The main location is the center of south-easth Liberia with the population of 3,000 persons including some areas in the Ivory Coast. Funding this project in Post-war Liberia will be a worth cost.




Its leader, Michael Jackson, provided some landscapes on the long run of providing that I thought were truly worth driving on, as many seem appropriate to philanthropy as a whole.




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