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Gayle Roberts

Can I just say your blog continues to just get better and better. I'm always amazed on what you can pull out of a 990 and other readily available public info that rest of us miss.

By all means, please do keep it up!

a fundraiser

Hands down... you are the best researcher in the nonprofit fundraising blogosphere.


How do I get the Articles and Bylaws for AARP-Foundation? This is one group I would appreciate you watching closely for us because there start up was controversial when the mother ship got caught getting federal monies and mixing it with their membership funds.


* The nature of the work on the ranch precludes participation of all but the highest functioning kids. In other words, really sick kids are excluded.*

And if really sick kids ARE included, Imus would be accused of endangering them right?

Damned if he does & damned if he doesn't.

* At Mrs. Imus' insistence, all food served at the ranch is vegan. Not all the kids like it, but they aren't given any choice in the matter.

And if non-veg food IS given to the kids, then Imus would be accused of encouraging animal slaughter, right?

Damned if he does & damned if he doesn't.

* Even this sympathetic reporter acknowledges that Mr. Imus: "doesn’t become a warm, fluffy man when working with the kids. He can be gruff and stern and even curse on occasion, but he’s often the first person to give a compliment or word of encouragement." One 12 year old girl is quoted: "Mr. Imus can scare me sometimes. Other than kind of yelling at us, he’s really nice."

Compare this to the British twit moms who recently escaped jail time for child abuse when they encouraged their tottlers to go at each other.

* In the final assessment, the article acknowledges that something like 20% of the kids have an unpleasant experience.

While conveniently ignoring the 80% who HAVE had PLEASANT experiences.

Poor Imus. Damned if he does & damned if he doesn't.

"that 57"

so what have you and yours personally done for sick kids lately? Had any over for a week of meals and activities?


So 20% of the kids don't like the food? I'm surprised that any of them do. Most kids are so used to McDonalds & Burger King, that they wouldn't know a vegetable if they saw one. Look, if Don Imus needed someone to buy him a summer home (which he doesn't), I doubt it would have been in New Mexico. You know, hot summers, high elevation, etc. And as far as having his studio there, how would you expect him to do his show five days a week; be a good husband and father; and still make time to spend with these kids? What is your schedule like? There are very few people, rich or poor, who could keep up with Don Imus. He and Deirdre could be sitting by the ocean sipping a cool beverage. If you think running a cattle ranch is a vacation, why don't you try it for a few years? And then you can give hundreds of thousands of dollars to facilities for wounded veterans. And as an aside, Mr. Sptizer certainly didn't need the endorsement of Don Imus. Very few people in New York can even name Spitzer's opponent for the governor's seat. As far as the financial managers for the ranch receiving $12,000 per year; have you ever been in business? Believe me, you could not hire a clerk or a custodian for $12,000 per year.
Nice timing, by the way. Kick 'em when they're down, pile on Imus, everybody else is.

ted powell

This is unbelievably slanted and inaccurate to the degree it may use "facts" but then spin them to suit your own agenda.
1 thing anyone really reading this might notice is that no one can find an agenda that the Imus` have that shows their ranch when stripped down is something akin to the scam this tries imply. Why would they run a scam? They do not NEED to!! AS POINTED OUT MANY TIMES PRE-FIRING, IT IS AT AN ELEVATION THAT AGGRAVATES HIS MANY PULMONARY ISSUES. WHY THEN BUILD THIS SCAM IN A PLACE THAT IS A SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUE?
The Imus`s have more than enuf money to build a dude ranch ala Jackson Wyo. say ANYWHERE they want.Sit out side look at the Big Sky, the Tetons, Rockies, Monuments, desert etc. Or a place in Hawaii on the Big Island where ranching is very active and YEAR ROUND. Any HELP NO ONE other than themselves.
I see them as putting up with this style of attack...precisely as distorted and then in the end serving the writer`s PERSONAL AGENDA not to clean things up, help kids, make things better, DO GOOD...no, only to tear down and cast doubt....just as the previously written trash in the Wall Street Journal which even still quoted, has been de-bunked as grossly inaccurate.
ON PURPOSE & Therefore UNTRUE! Not simply doing sloppy research but wrtting this crap so it casts ugly doubt and hurts people guilty of helping others. How dare they??
I pray your sleezy agenda driven life pays you what you deerve.
Imus deserves alot more.
You don`t!
This ain`t REAL journalism. It is yellow sleeze at its worst. Too bad W.R. Hearst has died and left such a hole. He might have hired you.


Use your time going after people who are dirtbags not people who are trying to do good.

Richard Dimberio

While it may be fair to question a multimillion dollar facility that treats only 80 kids a year, and allow that this is no Boys Town and Imus no Father Flanagan, it is also fair to grant that he does good things for kids.
This deserves the required credit, even if he doesn't need it.
The other activities related to their charities including the wing at Hakansack Hospital and aiding those parents dealing with SIDS and autism really do deserve the thanks of all of us for their efforts.

Terri Ramsey

Having watched Mr. Imus for at least 6 yrs on his cancelled "Imus in the Morning" show that MSNBC was coerced into eliminating, I must comment that even though I did not always agree with his opinions, his manner and his motives are completely evident to anyone with a reasonable intellect and sense of humor. I was always entertained, which I believe was his purpose. I feel his work with the young people at the ranch is commendable and hopefully the constant disparagement of the Imus' will cease. I love controversy as much as any other American, but it has been carried well past the limit in the Imus situation. Please leave these people alone and let the work they do speak for itself. I have worked with the terminally ill and the treatment of these unfortunate souls as normal children who can and do achieve should not be so quickly criticized by those who don't have the first clue.



Lisa Safir Barness

you have written a piece of trash that serves no purpose but to malign a very decent man who has done so much for so many.If Imus and Diedre can positively affect the life of just one single child thatwould be more than most people with his financial ability do- the 80 children a year times the 10 years he has run The Ranch equals 800 kids whose lives were changed ,for the better,by their experience at this amazing place -not to mention the parents and siblings,friends and loved ones of the kids who get to spend one week in their lives away from their sadness- this totals up to a whole lot of good done in a very broken world.Shame on you.

Channel Surfer

underalms, lift up that green "990" eyeshade for a moment...

Point 1:
"...he and his wife Diedre host ten kids a week (about ninety a year)..

Just because its a cattle ranch doesn't mean children have to be treated like cattle.

Point 2:
"At Mrs. Imus' insistence, all food served at the ranch is vegan. Not all the kids like it, but they aren't given any choice in the matter"

The insistence on the vegan menu is based on the Imus's concern for the children and a commitment to a healthy diets.

My take:
World class operation, delivering world class experiences to sick children.

Its about the children:
"Hannah Appl, a 13-year old from Springfield, Missouri, was the winner of this week's ranch rodeo at the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer. Beat all the boys and made herself proud." NYDN 7/29/07.

Danny Shuman

While I was not always pleased by each comment that came across the airwaves and was sorely disappointed when i finaly did win a prize but never received it I was always able to know that the man who uttered that comment was an entertainer first and foremost and a man who lives by his word.

The day that he lost his job(s),he gave no interviews to the media but still hosted the charity drive and then visited the girls offended showed true class. He showed by example ,something sadly very lacking in many public figures and in the administration in particular! CLASS!

Imus is a man who hosted a new show without a script each day for 3 hours something that cant be done by just anyone and occasionally bad things can happen,and did, as the girls who were offended, What Imus was done in by ,was professional black mailers and schemers who although they used him to advance themselves, never took from him what they need most themselves,class!

Now more then ever, as a made up war continues to bankrupt our treasury and our kids financial future ,our brave men and women die ,thousand upon thousands of innocent citizens in a forever divided Iraq die,as a set of beautiful twins in our area just both got Autism after receiving their childhood shots, we have a true need for Don Imus and his wife!

Tell me ,don't you wish that our president acted with just a bit of the truthfulness and compassion to say nothing of having the honesty or bravery that Imus has and continues to live his life by,each day?

I can only hope that my own kids and those I value most in life can look at my life and said that I was the type of person Don Imus has shown himself to be!

Danny Shuman
recipient Army ROTC Medal For Heroism 1971


One of your faithful? readers here, who posts on huffingtonpost.com as "WillPower", challenged me to dispute the contents of this shameful article on that site, and then left me hanging when I did...I'm WAITING, WillPower.


In the interim, I give you the March 30, 2005 broadcast of Imus In The Morning:


I challenge YOU to listen to it in its entirety...you never know, you might find something to fairly accuse him of.

And, WillPower, your assertion that "he lives there [at the Ranch] several months per year" is a blatant LIE.


Pardon me....the broadcast is from March 25th, not 30th.


Along with raising awareness of SIDS and autism, Mr. Imus has also helped raise military benefits and he helped bring to light the Walter Reed nightmare . I am sick and tired of people dumping on Imus.Why don't you write an article on our deceptive President and his war criminal vice-president---or how about the Darfur tragedy, or maybe Michael Vick (the lowest kind of person on the planet by the way). Imus is a good man and he's a broadcasting legend. I for one am counting the days until he returns.


So 20 percent of the children did not have a good time. Why haven't we heard from complaining parents?? Also I noticed you failed to mention the times the Imus' held childrens hands and had to bring them to the hospital while at the ranch. Also how the Imus' are so touched by how strong and brave these children are that Don and his wife have attended several funerals for former kids from the camp who did not win their fight agaist their disease.I for one think what the Imus' have done is very generous. I am counting on the day Imus returns and we get daily updates from that studio at the ranch once more. Also being a vegan is not the end of the world. I have been one for years.



I can't speak for every donor to the Imus Ranch, I will speak for myself, a long time Imus listener (30+ years).

Board of Directors - Andrew Brothers
The Andrews Brothers are trusted financial advisors and caretakers for Don Imus, having Andrews on the board is worth 30 outside directors.

Board of Directors - Fund Raising
It is necessary for most charities to have large numbers of outside directors to maintain a fund raising network. Not necessary here, since Imus raised these funds without having to build a network of directors.

Cash Buildup
Imus has talked often about building an endowment which would make the Ranch self sustaining. The concern is having enough cash to continue operations. Its a goal I share and support.

Imus Ownership of Ranch Property
Originally Imus privately financed the purchase of the property for the ranch. Imus then "sold acres" in an initial fund raising. Based on the money raised a part of the real estate transaction was carved out for the Imus Ranch. The other part was retained by Imus. I'm satisfied with Imus's continued stewardship over the property.

In some strange way I know way more about the Imus Ranch then about any other charity I contribute to. Along with the other listeners I have suffered through Imus's anguish in establishing the Ranch. We went through every single little detail, day after day as he obsessed over the Ranch. In a very real way his audience is the oversight committee and we vote, yay or nay, with our wallets.




A few corrections and clarificaitions;

(1) The Imus Ranch is not the Imus Summer Home.

Imus Ranch provides children with cancer or serious blood disorders as well as children who have lost brothers or sisters to sudden infant death syndrome , the experience of the great american cowboy.

Imus Ranch provides a complete residence, clinic as well as all aspects of a working cattle ranch to serve those children.

(2) Jack Abramoff is a convicted felon

Imus is not a convicted anything, the only thing he can be accused of is speaking his mind. Further Imus lives the charity 24X7. That 990 Program Services line would be an additional $300K without the Imus selfless efforts providing program services development, program services daily operations and ranch management. " Jack Abramoff Convicted Felon" never gave the amount of time Imus has to the Imus Ranch Inc or any other charity.

(3) Attorney General Elliot Spitzer was the most prolific prosecutor of financial crime in the history of New York State.

As Attorney General he took on Wall Street as the US Department of Justice slept. To suggest Elliot Spitzer dropped his investigation for an endorsement is;
(a) Laughable - Imus endorsees typically loose their elections,
(b) Insulting to the office of the Attorney General, State of New York.

(4) The assertion "highest functioning kids" sounds like these are healthy kids.

Make no mistake these kids are sick, 20% of those with cancer and blood illnesses who attend the camp eventually succumb to those illnesses.

(5) As for "Something like 20% of the kids have an unpleasant experience."

What is the customer satisfaction rating is for "Outward Bound" for example.?

My experience is getting 80% of any group to rate a program satisfied or higher is a huge success..




The heading "Imus Ranch Violates Charity Oversight Standards" is certainly misleading, at worst fraudulent.

How does one "violate" a standard that is neither a law nor regulation?

"Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Standards For Charitable Accountability" are guidelines which charities can voluntarily choose to adopt.

Data Point: The Imus Ranch, Inc. is exemplary in the charity exceeds the BBB metrics for fund raising and program activities.

Fact: The Imus Ranch, Inc. is in compliance with all applicable laws.

Summary: The original question posed at ImusTruth.org by Blankteevee "I'm still wondering if that article could be the subject of a libel suit."

I'm not an attorney, I can't even guess at that. But I do know the headline is without basis and the blog itself is not very faithful to the facts and unfairly creates a distorted picture of Imus.


About ChanX; A proud and long time contributer to the Imus Ranch who posts as ChannelXRFR in defense of Don Imus and Free Speech.

Marcus Blake

Chan X's response is typical for a hack or pundit. There are sound refutes to comments made.

First, regarding the BBB compliance issue, WMN makes not representation of legal requirements as you might suggest. We understand voluntary compliance as legal requirements require stipulations made/enforced by federal agencies (e.g., IRS) and state authorities (e.g., Revised Code). By standards/requirements, we could use alternative terms "benchmark/guidelines". The intent is to provide non-partisan, independent, and expert third party indicators of good business practices, in this example, to assist donors in their organization selections.

Non-regulatory bodies often come up with standards, recognizing their voluntary compliance nature.
For instance, a number of dietary organizations develop healthy eating standards that specify minimum intake composition across food categories. We can point to myriad other examples, involving, computer performance, energy efficient construction, consumer products, electronics, etc.

My understanding of the report's reference to BBB standards and requirements are as follows. BBB offers a set of practices,
"standards for charitable accountability" that donor might consider in stewarding sound not-for-profit giving. The "requirement" terminology refers to minimum levels of operational components to satisfy its standards. And to be honest, as a donor, I would question Imus Ranch's failure to meet BBB standards that reflect a wealth of empirical knowledge. If they don't meet the standards, they are in violation again of BBB systems for inspecting not-for-profits. The article did not state that the ranch was breaking the law, at least not in this sense. So get your attorney. But they have nothing to argue here. WMN is 100% correct in its analysis.

There are a number of assertions that a little more than propaganda. For instance, ChanX asserts, boards have large compositions in order to raise money. How ridiculous. Board routinely have members numbering from 7 to upper teens. This is because of transparency. The Imus Ranch is structured like a good ole boy closed group so that it can do whatever it wants without real scrutiny. Even if one had a single-source funder of $100MM, one should want sound stewardship and operations that satisfy reasonable "sunshine" expectations.

Finally, I am offended that this Imus Ranch was projected as some symbol of virtue. Imus the talkshow figure, is racist to the core. And I suspect the only reason he might have a black face or two in the room is to avoid losing his not-for-profit hustle.

Long live WMN. And keep up the good work. We needed this Imus exposure.


janet hoff



The best thing that ever happened to Don Imus was Diedre. Other than her he is pretty much of a scamp. I like him, I like her better.

Who wouldn't. Keep up the good work Diedre.



The "writer" of this dribble is as full of s&*t as a Christmas goose. Try getting off your pompus ass once in your life and doing something for someone. Besides that, why in the hell would Imus want a "summer home" in the middle of the desert for recreation when he has a breathing disorder. Clean the crap out of your head (by the way, that happens when your head is up your ass) and do a little research for a change, you al sharpton ass kissing loser.

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