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Kirby Sommers

Red Cross Saga: 2 divorces, 1 baby and a heap of missing money, by Kirby Sommers

The Red Cross saga continues! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the tainted blood pool known as the American Red Cross, here's an update on some notorious members.

Both Mark Everson and his "subordinate employee" (source: American Red Cross for quote) Paige Roberts are now free to be together in Mississippi.

Everson and his former wife, Nanette, have officially called it quits. As have Paige Roberts and her former hubby, Gary Roberts. Their divorce was filed on April 3, 2008 and was finalized on June 9, 2008. A quickie if ever there was one. According to an unnamed source: "There were no attorneys and nobody vs nobody." Judge Jaye A. Bradley signed the divorce decree.

The Roberts' children are in the custody of their father, while Paige maintains custody of Everson's love child born on June 18, 2008.

The former Mrs. Everson has custody of the couple's children.

Everson has been seen in Pascagoula, Mississippi jobless and hunting. A source stated he interviewed for City Judge, which happens to have been the job held by Gary Roberts. Double ouch!

Complaints about missing Katrina money continue to pour in getting the attention of not just lil' ole me, but of several attorneys as well. And wouldn't you know it: attorneys everywhere now are looking for that pot of gold too. And, darn it, it's about time. I've been thinking all along "Geez, all that missing money and no attorneys, hum...".

A few people involved with missing Katrina donations have moved themselves along with their websites from Mississippi to New Orleans. Among them: Keith Canfield, Tammy Agard, Johnnie LaCaze, Ed Rutherford and Debbie Dismukes all formerly with Hope Has a Face Foundation and the much criticized 100 Homes in 100 Days project. Seems a new 100 project is currently underway: nola100 – where Canfield continues to collect Katrina donations. Well, you know, for the poor and needy families…

Well folks, that's Katrina relief as its been redefined by the bosses there yonder at the Red Cross. More news to follow, sure 'nuf.

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