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I was struck by this:
"The reason I say may not change is that I always wonder whether these results measure the attitudes of different generations, or just attitudes that are typical of different age groups. It seems just as likely that as the current generation Y grows older, their charitable inclinations will also shift to resemble those of their parents."

We won't know for awhile, but I think we are all right to wonder that.



In the rush to indict the "mean Imus" WNM walked right past Al Sharpton and his "Charity" the National Alliance Network.

According to news reports NAN "is behind on years of filings that document fund-raising income, executive salaries and expenses, according to the Attorney General's Charity Bureau".

The group is also at least four years behind on submitting similar filings, called Form 990s, with the IRS." (New York Post 10/2/07)

Investigating this is the NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. AG Cuomo is a political ally of Sharpton, he was endorsed by Al Sharpton for AG and he has donated $10K to the National Action Network all in the last year. The Executive Director of NAN Charlie King is also a political ally and former running mate of the AG!

In addition to the filings there is also questions regarding Michael Hardy, general counsel and a director of the National Action Network, who is also representing Trent Benefield in a federal civil suit against the city over the shooting and receiving payments from NAN. (New York Daily News 10/1/07)


New York Post http://www.nypost.com/seven/10022007/news/regionalnews/rev__al_in_tax_deal.htm
New York Daily News


Jerry Lewis said "faggot"? So what? Why don't you focus on somebody who has done nothing for charity, as Al Sharpton?

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Jerry Lewis said "faggot"? So what? Why don't you focus on somebody who has done nothing for charity, as Al Sharpton?

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