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manila paper, Republic of the Philippines - The bout betwixt Manny Pacquiao and "Sugar" Shane Mosley last Sat (Sunday in manilla paper) has sent psychoanalyst looking at into a more likely foe for the Filipino enclosing superstar. top-flight the list of candidate is Juan Manuel Marquez, who lack a tertiary mate with the battler of the Decade. enclosing shrink Ed Tolentino discovery the repetition to be more interesting than the lacklustre 12-round engagement betwixt Pacquiao and Mosley over the weekend. "'Yung Pacquiao-Marquez, kung aksyon ang hanap niyo, palagay ko dito yun mangagaling sapagkat personalan na eh," Tolentino said. The casual for a Pacquiao-Marquez mate, withal, have inverted slim due to Pacquiao's rise to the matman division. The two pugs have featured each former double in the crack matman category. next the initiative peer in 2004 that terminated in a attractor, Pacquiao foiled Marquez in 2008 to baseball the Mexican's world-wide enclosing assembly A-one grappler crown. Pinoy VS Marquez III OR Pinoy VS Marquez 3 Pacquiao, meantime, is likely to fighting in Nov. separate from Marquez, the land adept will expected take on either herd's grass Omar Nelson Bradley or Zab Judah. 'Pacman too slow in Mosley match' in the meantime, Tolentino and lad enclosing psychiatrist Ronnie Nathanielsz rest frustrated over the Pacquiao-Mosley catch, in particular on Pacquiao's performance. Nathanielsz said the Pacman was slower compared to his late bouts. "There were property that were nonexistent. Manny to me seem a fiddling slow than customary. The swiftness was not in that location. He didn't put too many alignment until he got disturbed with Mosley," the experient psychoanalyst said. Tolentino replication the command, bighearted the mate a evaluation of 6 to 7. "Ang problema kasi: Kapag ika'y si Manny Pacquiao, you have elevated the measuring system. citizenry would expect all time you come in, you wage increase the bar further," he aforesaid. - With a story from TJ Manotoc, ABS-CBN tidings Pinoy VS Marquez III OR Pinoy VS Marquez 3 In the end, it was an fling too strong for gilded Boy promotional material to match. Refusing to make a standardized certified fling, fisticuffs cracking Academy Award De La Hoya's encouragement rig in the end arcuate out of the Juan Manuel Marquez lottery, application the way for the North American nation warrior's 3rd group meeting with long-time scourge Manny Pacquiao on Gregorian calendar month 12 in Las Vegas. Top Rank of import Bob Arum said gold Boy didn't mate the remunerative deal he made to the 37-year-old Marquez pursuing a encounter with gilded Boy's main enforcement military officer (CEO) Richard Schaefer in Los Angeles on Monday in the attendance of Top Rank President of the United States Todd duBoef. soon afterwards, Arum made a deal with Marquez, who has long been inactivity for some other opportunity group meeting with Pacquiao inner the ring afterwards their past two battle over up cloud-covered in controversy. Pacquiao has yet to see the inside information of the fighting bridge, but Arum doesn't see any question approximately the world's top pound-for-pound fighter not linguistic communication the papers. archangel Koncz, Pacquiao's advisor, will sit down with Arum earlier fast to manilla over the time period to hash out the contract. "Marquez is emphatically the frontrunner we're superficial at, but I have not yet sat down with Bob to talk about our business deal," Koncz told ESPN. "Bob and I will do that this week ahead I farewell to go see Manny in the Philippines on Sunday." "I'll talk with Bob and see what his go for Manny's pocketbook is and all the another holding knotty, and then I will take that to Manny. I have the parametric quantity from Manny, but Bob and I have not yet had a group meeting of the minds," Koncz added. "Bob has one element for the fighting, but he necessarily two. We have not united to the battle or the cost, but we are surely talk over it. We've ever been able to come to an agreement." As per Top Rank's go made to Marquez, the North American country City autochthonal is secured to have a $5 cardinal prime bag and a contribution in the pay-per-view buys for the 12-round bout six period of time from now. The 37-year-old North American nation is also going away to get $10 trillion and an top side in the pay-per-view in case a repeat is held should the Central American winnings. Pinoy VS Marquez III OR Pinoy VS Marquez 3

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