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Honestly, I think it's none of your friggin' business. I don't condone his racist remarks and I agree with the decision that he should have been fired. However, who are you to judge him?

From what I understand, he's been helping kids at the ranch for years... and if he can win damages in a court of law, more power to him. He's an old man for god sakes... let him rest in peach on the ranch and continue to do the work for the sick children.

Leave him alone and let his attorney negotiate this matter. CBS can afford it. Let them pay!



Honestly, your piece has such a twisted, mean-spirited spin to it. This is the reason Imus fans have come to his defense.


Wow, this is the most uninformed piece of garbage I have read. When you actually visit the ranch or talk with kids who have attended the ranch, then please let us know what you find out. Otherwise start some charity work yourself rather than wasting your time writing this BS

Channel Surfer


Why should CBS get a free walk? The Company fired Imus, thus breaching an employment contract in the middle of a fundraiser, which by the way benefits children?

Considering the settlement, its about the lost opportunity to fund raise and the effects thereof. For terms of a settlement, it would be fair if CBS were to make a contribution to the Imus Ranch endowment as well as make contributions to the CJ Foundation for SIDs and The Tomorrows' Children Fund.

Imus Ranch is not about personal enrichment. The Imus Ranch provides children with cancer or serious blood disorders as well as children who have lost brothers or sisters to sudden infant death syndrome , the experience of the great american cowboy.


This weeks news from the Imus Ranch;

Matt Reynolds, a 12-year-old from Charlotte, N.C., won this week's ranch rodeo at the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer.

In the process, he set a new ranch record, and became almost a lock to win the All-Around champion's buckle for 2007.

Huge deal.



Why do you want to turn something good into something negative? It is CBS who did the dishonorable by not honoring a contract they signed with Imus only months before the firing. Why don't you investigate what the real motivations were behind that?


He deserves well over the lost salary of $40 million. His reputation has been sullied, his charity fundraiser dropped from telecast (still rose $4 million from what I understand even without TV). CBS had no reason to fire him and I hope they pony up big and he gets back on the air the next day... same goes for Bernard McGuirk too. I hope he gets all his compensation and damages also.


Wow I have seen twisted logic before but this tortures logic. Maybe, just maybe the issue is Imus seeking to ensure continuation of the ranch after he passes by making sure that funding will be available after he is gone.

Further, you demonstrate a clear lack of knowledge of contract law in your response. Imus is going to get paid, he has a contract and when you have a contract and get fired you get paid. (Think football coaches who get paid when fired).

Pursuing enough funds to endow the ranch which he would have been able to do through promotion of ranch products on the air is a reasonable argument for him to make.

Mary Lynn Nemergut

If you had a child who benefitted from the Imus sponsored charities, perhaps you wouldn't be bashing him in this completely biased story.

Sure we all knew his charities would suffer once he was off the air but I think it is great Garbus is going after CBS for the monies lost. And he is much smarter than you, my fiend. No typos.

BTW, what charities have you started? Would you go to a place to help kids where you had to have oxegen always available? This doesn't sound like fun to me. Imus lives on Central Park West and has a home on the Sound in Westport CT. I live 15 miles away from Westport and it is where people come to spent the summers.
Who is the author of this article? I looked but couldn't find your name.


Imus deserves damages in addition to his salary. Did the author of this donate to his charity yet? I doubt it.

Channel Surfer

"Don Imus Using Charity as Pawn in Contract Dispute."

This is a baseless accusation, developed through supposition and entirely absent of supporting data to back up the headline!

There are no facts which substantiate Imus is acting in other then an honorable way regarding the charities in his dealings with CBS Corp.

Of the $ 120M the $80M represents the total for damages, such as commercial interests as well as fund raising for charitable causes including the Imus Ranch!

Channel Surfer

More News From the Ranch:

Home on the ranch with Imus


(Obviously one of the 80% who are satisfied with the ranch)


Latest from the Imus Ranch

Four years ago, a terrific Jersey girl - Chelsea Scymanski, 15, Newton, N.J. - lost a brother, Blake, to cancer.

Last week, Chelsea went out to the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer and won the ranch rodeo with a time of 24.08.

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