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Ken Avallon

The Form 990 is very revealing in a number of other areas:

1.) $81,000 in "Occupancy" costs. That comes to $6750 a month in mortgage (or rent), utilties etc. I wonder if he's paying his mortgage with organization funds.

2.) $37,000 spent for at least 17 computers (an awful lot for a 1-, or 3-employee organization) plus $13,000 on fax/copy/printers, TV's, VCRs, camcorders, digital cameras etc.

3.) Shouldn't the $77,000 spent on Apco Worldwide be classified as lobbying?

4.) They paid $28,000 for 'Marketing and other services' to a company owned by a board member.

5.) I wonder who the $99,000 in 'professional fees' went to?

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Get rid of this guy. Each neighborhood can run it's own organization.

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Tierney says that larger scale organizations would have access to other resources, which I suspect means that they pay for consulting services from Bain at the going rate. Bridgespan's Form 990 reports that the company operates with consultants borrowed from Bain & Company, which continues to pay their salaries while on loan.

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