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J Allen

While the comments regarding Habitat's challenges in making a measurable impact on the housing situation are thought provoking, I do take issue with the criticism of the square foot limitations. Our national trends in ever larger, ever more luxurious home construction are hardly a sound role model for a charity who is challenged with meeting the scale of the demand for their homes. Increasing the sq ft size would likely reduce the number of homes that can be built with a given budget. I do live in a three bedroom house that fits that sq ft range; a bigger house would be nice, but it also increases other costs of ownership: utility bills, taxes, insurance, etc. If there are large waiting lists of applicants, obviously there are families who are willing to live in a small but affordable and well-built home. Maybe it is the rest of us who should reconsider OUR consumption patterns; if we could be content with the same home that satisfied our parents, then we would each have more resources available to share with our neighbors, to address the tremendous shortage of affordable homes.

Richart Keller

Several points

As a planner and community organizer with experience working alongside and in support of Habitat, I have learned to treasure the unique contributions which it has made and continues to make to our community. It builds strong social networks while building low-cost housing, both of which are essential.

1. Habitat is a unique organization whose core strengths are also unique and critical to community building in the broader sense. Its influence is powerful and pervasive.

2. Providing a structured environment for people from many backgrounds to work together as volunteers to help to solve a critical social/economic need is an invaluable to community building and to building a just and loving world.

3. Providing the opportunities described above is not easy and requires longterm continuity, credibility, experience, and major resources. This should be a major continuing focus of whatever the organization.

4. It is useful and important to find ways for Habitat to increase somewhat the volume of houses it constructs. From my limited knowledge of the inner workings of the organization, I would advocate finding ways to pay more experienced project managers (who also have the necessary people skills) and acquire more low cost or donated land.

5. However, to burden Habitat with a major responsibility for meeting the shamefully large lack of affordable housing in the US alone (let alone in other countries) is a serious mistake and distorts both the nature of the problem and mission of Habitat.

I hope that this current challenge results in a strengthening of Habitat's capacity to carry out its current mission, not to make it a more specialized organization strictly focused on housing production.

Rick Keller

C Martin

I just saw the NY Times peice on the subject of a class action suit/complaint being filed against Habitat for substandard construction issues in FLA.

I work with several non profits, and nothing is more negatively enabling/socially debilatating than the grotesque "Entitlement" these alternative housing recipients are publicly displaying.

For eny non-profit mission that measures it's outcomes - the best ones always stem from people we help who want to help themselves. This recent action against habitat are nothing more than people complaining about the "soup du jour" at the soup kitchen. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. A home requires maintenance - get used to it, its part of the fun of home ownership.

I wish my house payment was $300/mo -

m d

I have a Habitat Home in NJ and my home is full of mold and the walls are coming apart.

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