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Anyone wanting a succinct and hilarious opinion of Autism Speaks ought to listen to a 13 year old boy's comments at the end of Midnight In Chicago's latest free audio podcast at www.mic.mypodcast.com

The podcast is entitled

"Special Feature Interview with Douglas Giesel and An Update Interview with Lewis Schofield"

and is part of their Autism Spectrum Podcast series.


Go here to sign a petition against Autism Speaks before it is too late...


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Autism Speaks is a great organization that has done a lot for the community, especially awareness. Thirty years ago, that unique uncle that did not socialize so much may now have been considered autistic, based on the increased awareness.

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The Wright family is doing an incredible job increasing awareness of autism in the community. I tried contacting them with my non-profit, and they were unfortunately not able to help me.


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