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April 2009

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Danny Vice

The last time I was unfortunate enough to require hospital care, I stayed for a few hours and the hospital ran some routine tests. The bill ran into the thousands although the tests conducted were simple $75 clinical sample tests.

Private hospitals thrive on massive revenue, city subsidies and tax advantages. How often after all do you see a hospital having a "going out of business" sale? What would a used bed pad be worth anyway?

Hospitals who thrive on it's monopoly of the sick while receiving perks and incentives from public sources should be banned from releasing a patient into a potentially harmful environment that's incompatible with his/her ailments.

The fact that the hospital should be sued in order to compel the hospital into civilized health practices is an outrage. Our government has seen fit to regulate everything else in hospital operations, yet the user of those operations is beholden to the hospitals option of securing their welfare?

Perhaps a private hospital can't be forced to provide treatment, but it should certainly be required to insure that it doesn't release patients into an environment that is likely to make the condition(s) worse.

If it's true that the hospital made a commitment to change their practice and still has not, then I would expect (and hope) that the hospital will be sued senseless to established a precedent in this case that equals the apathy it has shown towards it's customers (patients). We'll be watching this case to see what the legal outcome is.

Those who paint the issue as a Religious issue (as the name Presbyterian means nothing - its private business).... or a political issue....the hospital is likely staffed with people from both political pursuations... aren't doing the issue any favors whatsoever.

Osolating people, by branding whole classes of people who aren't involved in what the hospital did is negligent and discourages valuable support from these groups.

If we accuse Dems of purpetuating this act, we basically drive them away from the issue... if we do the same with republicans - we drive them away... This issue needs MAXIMUM support from everyone who is receptive to caring. Those who want to play games with the story, only end up hurting the cause in the end.

Focus on the hospital. It's their failed policy and careless apathy that lead to the dumping of this man... and the more folks who speak out on it, the better!

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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I don't agree with criminalizing efforts like this. The government really needs to just let charities do their job. They need to get out of the way.

Used Bucket Trucks

Well at least they brought him to a local shelter...however, they should have checked with the shelter to see if they had enough room first and then take him back to the hospital if the shelter did not...as it appears was the case. Since when did humanity become so selfish?

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It's always nice to see money being given to a good cause by the very wealthy. No doubt cynics will say it's for tax purposes rather than him doing it out the goodness of his heart, but does it matter as long as the kids get the benefit? I don't think it does.


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What help will be provided to families who have already lost their homes? Our goverment only talks about assistance for those who are about to lose their homes.

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