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April 2009

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F. Francois


I dont know what search engine you use but I just typed in yele.org and the website came right up with several links in referance to all their work in Haiti. Please spare Haiti and all the people working hard to strengthen democracy, provide economic sustainability, and long term development you're ignorance. Instead, promote that the paparrazi look into projects funded by the Haitian community in the US to rebuild Haitian schools or the Next Step for Haiti Bill sponsored by the CBCor CIDA's work in Haiti, just to name a few.

Thank you Ms. Jolie.Thank you Wyclef.

Yele - No Records

There are links to Yele, but I think it's fishy that there's no independent information showing their administrative costs or that they are filing their tax documents (990s). I could not find information on Yele or the Wyclef Jean Foundation at Guidestar, or Give.org (the BBB). I hope that people are not caught in the celebrity hype and that they give their funds to established organizations with transparency and demonstrated records.

Kelli Schultz

I just got off Guidestar and the info is there. WyclefJean Foundation DBA Yele Haiti. Read the fine print people.

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